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About Us

We would like to introduce our family. We are the Severs Family. We have lived in Warren County for the past 21 years. John grew up in the Jersey shore area; while Melissa grew up in the Midwest. We love this wonderful farming area and how it has been a wonderful place to raise our family. Speaking of family, we have 3 children and a fur child. Our oldest is a son, who is off in college in the Midwest. Our daughters are fraternal twins entering high school. Our youngest is a sassy pup, who we adopted from Common Sense for Animals. This explains our fondness for Common Sense for Animals & why we are choosing to donate 50 cents for every pup cup sold here to them and their no-kill shelter. We are excited to partner with the community in various ways all while serving up the most delicious ice cream in Warren County & cooking up fabulous food items as well!

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